MF Masterlyx AP 18% 27KG

MF Masterlyx AP 18% 27KG

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Masterlyx 18% All-Purpose Block is a free-choice low moisture molasses block providing protein, energy, minerals and vitamins. Masterlyx aids in efficient utilization of forages fed to cattle, primarily low quality forages. Nutrients from Masterlyx are provided frequently in small amounts daily. This consistent consumption aides effective nutrition and overall supplementation. With Masterlyx no waste of supplement occurs which helps keep cost of supplementation under control.


Masterlyx 18% All-Purpose Block is designed for self feeding to grazing beef cattle, horses, sheep and goats.

Feed at the rate of one container for every 20 to 30 head. A minimum of two (2) containers may be required in each lot or pasture to ensure proper accessibility. Free-choice consumption will depend on size of the animals fed, seasonal weather conditions, as well as quality, source and availability of other feeds. Beef cattle and horses typically consume between 225 and 680 grams per-head, per-day. Sheep and goats typically consume between 50 and 150 grams per head, per day.

All consumption figures stated here are approximate. Provide free access to clean, fresh water at all times. Masterlyx 18% All-Purpose Block contains no salt. Provide salt in the ration or offer free-choice.

Key Benefits:


Convenient and practical applications.
Packaged in 27.3kg plastic containers.

Can be used in pasture, dry-lot, or confinement feeding situations.

Several formulations available.
Each targets complete supplementation, mineral supplementation or starting weaned or feedlot cattle.

Dairy applications.
Include supplementation of dry, fresh and lactating cows. Can help promote dry matter intake and more consistent feed intakes during periods of stress, thus helping overcome common metabolic disorders of dairy cattle.

Time and labour savings realized.
Less labour to using hand fed supplements; less equipment needed compared to other supplement methods; supplement is made available to cattle at all times; convenient, non-returnable hassle-free container.