Gallagher Fence Energizer M150

Gallagher Fence Energizer M150

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This dual power fence energizer can be powered by a 12V battery or plugged into a 110V outlet. Powers up to 30 miles / 100 acres of clean fence and offers uncompromising performance.  Features low impedance that will shock through weeds and brush.

​​​​​​Clean Fence: 30 miles / 100 acres

Typical Fence: 11 miles / 60 acres

​​1.5 Stored Joules​

  • Dual Power: 110v, plug-in or battery power
  • Check battery at a glance - green light shows battery is ok, flashes red if battery is running low
  • Superior fence performance
  • Reliable animal control is assured with built in lightning protection
  • Battery not included​