Deep North Essential Spray 250ml / 8oz bottle

Deep North Essential Spray 250ml / 8oz bottle

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Deep North Essential Spray is designed to help you explore not only your own backyard but the great outdoors with confidence. Our formula has been tried and trusted over the years, and has its roots in the deep woods of Central Ontario. We understand wanting to get out and experience all the wonders that mother nature has to offer, and we have the perfect product for it! Check out our Deep North Essential Spray and feel the difference.




 Essential oils plus soothing aloe 


Protection for the whole family


No artificial colours or fragrances



Formerly: Love Your Pet by Haliburton Soap Factory



Welcome to Deep North Essential Spray, where we unravel the secrets of nature's protective embrace. Our narrative is woven with a profound understanding - that nature itself holds the key to a safeguarded existence. We are dedicated nature aficionados, committed to crafting an exquisite holistic and natural essential spray that stands as an impervious shield, all while maintaining harmony with the environment.

Our Philosophy

At Deep North Essential Spray, we uphold the conviction that the elements of nature possess the ultimate defense mechanism. Our passion lies in presenting a product that elevates your life without compromising your health or the ecological equilibrium. Our essential spray is meticulously concocted using a fusion of plant-based components, each celebrated for its potent attributes.

Crafted with Precision

The genesis of Deep North Essential Spray is marked by a meticulous symphony of research, ingredient selection, and artisanal mastery. We scrupulously source the finest botanicals and essential oils, each chosen for its distinct ability while bestowing a captivating aroma. Our skilled artisans meticulously blends these elements in small, purposeful batches, ensuring that every bottle of Deep North Essential Spray embodies our unwavering commitment to impeccable quality.

Holistic Sentinel

Our essential spray transcends conventional protection; creating an immersive sensory haven that reintroduces you to the primordial essence of nature's guardianship. We believe that self-care should extend to safeguarding yourself. Deep North Essential Spray is not just a barrier - it's a gateway to the invigorating allure of nature's age-old defense mechanisms.

Sustainability and Fortitude

Our veneration for the Earth's resilience is deeply embedded in our ethos. We ardently pursue ecological harmony by employing sustainable packaging and sourcing our ingredients with meticulous care. Opting for Deep North Essential Spray isn't just an investment in your personal defense; it's a declaration of allegiance to the Earth's vitality.

Join the Movement

Deep North Essential Spray is more than a brand; it's a movement toward a fortified, ecologically-conscious lifestyle. Dive into the transformative potential of an essential spray that is as natural as it is potent. We invite you to stand alongside us in celebrating our holistic essential spray and embark on a voyage toward a world where nature's protectors reign supreme.

Thank you for entrusting Deep North Essential Spray. Together, let's unveil a realm where nature's guardianship is honoured, and your sanctuary remains untouched, one resolute spray at a time.