Brooks Fit & Fibre Texturized

Brooks Fit & Fibre Texturized

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Manufactured in Canada in a drug-free environment.

Crude Protein (min.) 12.00 %
Crude Fat (min.) 6.50 %
Crude Fibre (max.) 20.00 %
Calcium (act.) .75 %
Phosphorus(act.) .50%
Manganese (act.) 90 mg/kg
Copper (act.) 35 mg/kg
Zinc (act.) 130 mg/kg
Sodium (act.) .40 %
Vitamin A (min.) 10000 IU/KG.
Vitamin D (min.) 1000 IU/KG.
Vitamin E (min.) 240 IU/KG.
Selenium (min added) 0.35 mg/kg

Nutritional Enhancements
*full analysis available
Biotin 0.31 mg/kg.
Thiamine 11.30 mg/kg.
Riboflavin 10.30 mg/kg.
Omega 3 fatty acids 0.45 %
Omega 6 fatty acids 2.89 %
Lysine Saccharomyces cerevisiae 0.61%

Feeding Suggestions

Feed horses according to level and type of activity and to maintain ideal body condition

Mature Weight                         900 lbs. (400 kg.)                          1100 lbs. (500 kg.)                      1320 lbs. (600 kg.)
Idle horses                       3.0 – 5.0 lbs. (1.4 - 2.25 kg.)         4.0 - 6.0 lbs. (1.8 - 2.75 kg.)          5.0 - 8.0 lbs. (2.25 - 3.5 kg.)
Light work *                      4.5 - 8.75 lbs. (2.0 - 4.0 kg.)          6.0-11.0 lbs. (2.75 - 5.0 kg.)         8.75 - 13.0 lbs. (4.0 - 6.0 kg.)
Moderate work **              6.0-11.0 lbs. (2.75 - 5.0 kg.)          8.75-13.0 lbs. (4.0 - 6.0 kg.)       11.0 - 15.0 lbs. (5.0 - 6.75 kg.)
* ie. jogging, trail riding, pleasure etc.
** ie. dressage, jumping, cutting, roping etc.

Note: Warmblood and Draft type horses may require different amounts from light horse breeds.

Contact a Brooks feed representative or submit a request on the interactive web site -

Amount of feed required is dependent on the body condition, the metabolism and the type of activity the horse is used for. For each pound of Fit & Fibre fed daily below ½ pound per 100 pounds of the horse’s bodyweight add ¼ pound (115 grams) Brooks Enhancer or All Phase 20. Provide fresh clean water and free choice salt at all times with a minimum of 1% of the horse’s bodyweight in hay or equivalent pasture. Store in a cool dry location. Amount fed varies according to the quality of hay or pasture. Hay analysis is recommended to ensure a balanced ration.

Fit & Fibre is a fibre and fat based feed suitable for a wide range of horses. The low glycemic, controlled NSC formula with added fat makes Fit & Fibre an excellent choice for horses needing a moderate amount of controllable energy. Fit & Fibre draws energy primarily from high quality fibre sources without excessive “filler fibres” common in lower quality feeds and added fat to increase the energy level. Controlled starch and sugar levels also make Fit & Fibre a good choice for horses diagnosed with metabolic issues. Fit & Fibre supplies total nutrition in a palatable textured or pelleted form that horses take to readily and stay on during training, competing or pleasure riding while outperforming comparably priced competitive products.

Key Benefits:

  • Fit & Fibre is the perfect blend of good quality fibre, fat and carbohydrates with a moderate caloric value for horses requiring controllable energy.
  • Low glycemic formula maximizes the positive effects of non NSC energy sources (fibre, fat) while controlled soluble carbohydrates are included to fully augment athletic achievement.
  • A well-balanced level of vitamins and chelated minerals provide micronutrient fortification lacking in forages alone and eliminates the need for expensive supplements when fed at recommended levels.
  • A full complement of B Vitamins including biotin supplies the daily maintenance requirements and a full spectrum of essential amino acids supplies protein for performance and muscle repair.
  • Brooks Oxiguard System of natural source Vitamin E and organic selenium work synergistically as effective antioxidants to minimize muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • A proprietary form of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a prebiotic with a wide body of research improves digestion of fibre and promotes more efficient use of nutrients.