Livestock, Equine & Wild Animal Feed

Minden Mercantile & Feed carries a wide variety of Livestock, Equine, Pet & Wild Animal Feed.


We are the local supplier of Sharpe Farm Feed & Supplies supporting the communities surrounding Haliburton, Minden, Coboconk, Norland, Gelert, Kinmount, & Gooderham. In addition, we source more products from other Ontario feed mills & several pet food distributors. 

Note: We do not list feed on the online store since it is not shippable by regular couriers and pricing fluctuates regularly. We do offer local feed delivery within 60km of Minden Ontario. Please call or email for pricing & to arrange delivery.

Here's a list of the feed we carry: 

Livestock Feed for Cattle 🐄 & Hog 🐖: Brands supported - Sharpe, Earth's Harvest, Purina, Masterfeeds. Feed supplied - Chop, Pellets, Timothy/alfalfa hay squares, Oats, Wheat, Mixed Grains, Beef Finisher, etc..

Chicken🐓, Duck🦆, Turkey🦃,Wild-Fowl🐦Feed: (Regular, Non-GMO or Organic) available for starter, grower, mash, pellet, crumble, & feed additives.

Sheep🐑, Goat🐐(Regular or Organic): Dairy, ration, timothy/alfalfa hay squares, etc.

Rabbit🐇: Sharpe, Purina, Little Friends pelletized feed.

Equine🐴 Feed: Purina, Masterfeed, Buckeye, Ker, Tribute, Sharpe (sweet feed / hi fat hi fibre), Earth's Harvest (sweet feed), Maaax hay cubes. Timothy alfalfa, alfalfa or straight timothy hay cubes. Beet pulp shreds or pellets, with or without molasses. Timothy/alfalfa hay squares. DC feed oats, Flax seed, etc. See our web store for supplements, horse tack, dewormers and other supplies.

Animal Bedding: Pine Shavings, Straw Bales, StrawBoss, Wood Bedding Pellets, Aspen shavings, Boxo, Cedar shavings.

Wild Animal Feed for Deer🦌, Birds🐦, etc: Corn (whole, cracked, cleaned), Deer Feed (Corn/oats/barley) with or without molasses, carrots, black oil sunflower, stripped sunflower, sunflower chips, nyjer, safflower peanuts, mixed bird seed (variety of mixes), Pigeon feed (several varieties avail.), bird suet cakes, etc.

Exotic Animal Feed: Alpaca🦙, Emu, Monkey🙊 feed available as well.

Other Organic Feeds: oats, barley, wheat, peas, corn.

Dog🐕 & Cat🐈 food: We carry a number of Canadian brands that provide the best value for your $$. Brands: Norman's Naturals, Nutrisource, Nutram, Great Canadian, Martin's Simple, Primal Raw, NorthShore Raw, Canadian Naturals, Boreal, & Purina. Please see the online store for detailed product selection, stock & pricing.