Masterfeed Rough N Ready with Deccox

Masterfeed Rough N Ready with Deccox

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Masterfeeds Rough ‘n’ Ready 16% Beef Calf Ration (pellet) is a premium creep feed for new beef calves. It is highly digestible for superior feed conversions and contains Deccox® for prevention of coccidiosis. Also available in a non-medicated formula or with Rumensin®.


Feed Rough ‘n’ Ready to nursing calves at the rate of 1 kg per 100 kg of body weight until weaning to calves on pasture or consuming forage. Feed continuously for at least 28 days during periods of coccidiosis or when it is likely to be a hazard. Rough ‘n’ Ready should be offered to calves at no later than 30 days of age.

Feeding Tips:

  • Use a sturdy, well-designed and well-protected creep feeder.
  • Place the feeder in a convenient cow-calf loafing area.
  • Start feeding Rough ‘n’ Ready before calves are 30 days of age.
  • Make certain the feed is fresh by filling the feeder with only enough feed to last 10 to 14 days.
  • Never let the creep feeder go empty. Maintain proper herd health management.

Key Benefits:


A calf requires a proper level of nutrition in order to reach its genetic potential. Research has shown that the nutrition requirements of the calf cannot be met by the mother cow’s milk alone, and while calves can consume grass, they are unable to ingest enough to meet their daily requirement for proper growth. The result is what is termed a “hungry calf gap”.

The best way to eliminate this nutrient deficiency is through the introduction of a high quality protein supplement as a creep feed. This type of ration will not only aid the calf in achieving optimum growth, the creep feed will also lessen the demand on the cow for milk. The result is the calf being able to reach its full genetic potential along with a better-conditioned cow. A cow that is able to gain weight during the grazing season is able to channel more of her food intake into body condition as opposed to providing energy to the calf.


Rough ‘n’ Ready calf creep feed is specially formulated with a high performance, all-natural protein source Modified Soybean Meal AGP. This economical, soy-protein based supplement delivers a highly palatable and readily available bypass protein source with all the essential amino acids, to allow calves to reach their full potential.

Research proves that modified soybean meal delivers almost three times the amount of by-pass protein than other vegetable protein sources due to it’s unique patented process. The result from feeding Rough ‘n’ Ready Creep Feed containing Modified Soybean Meal AGP is evident in the performance of the calf, in terms of both weight gain and overall appearance.